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Grazer Kunstverein moves to Andritz
Dennis McNulty
anginging – mobile sound performance

Spring 2021

anginging is the title of a performance by Dennis McNulty. On a bus traversing the minor roads of Andritz, McNulty will perform an improvised audio work using a Roland TB-303, the sampled voice of American artist Nancy Holt and a piece of custom software called STREAMER. STREAMER is an algorithmic musical collaborator, a cognitive prosthetic which traces latent desire-lines through human-programmed musical patterns. In anginging, drum-machine rhythms are bent and interwoven with wiry trails of 303 and Holt’s voice, sampled from Boomerang, her collaboration with Richard Serra. anginging draws on this classic work, fusing it with the legacy of the 303 via custom algorithms to make a new kind of acid.

Dennis McNulty (b. Galway, Ireland) is an artist, music-maker and engineer. His work is informed by his background in electronic music, his training as a structural engineer and his studies in psychoacoustics (sound perception). McNulty works with a diverse range of media, often employing custom built hardware and software to produce AV works, sculptural installation and performance. Recent projects include Light and Language, Lismore Castle Arts (2020); We Dream in Actions, Club Comfort Carnival, Dublin (2019); TTOPOLOGY at Grazer Kunstverein and VISUAL, Carlow (2018); anginging at Assembly Point, London (2018); Homo Gestalt at Bluecoat, Liverpool Biennial (2016); Lofoten International Art Festival: Disappearing Acts, Svolvaer (2015); A Leisure Complex, Collective Gallery, Edinburgh/ Carnoustie (2014); and PROTOTYPES, Limerick City Gallery of Art (2014). Previous exhibitions include Performa 11 (2011), Encuentro de Medellin (2007) and the São Paulo Bienal (2008 and 2004). McNulty is artist in residence at CONNECT, Ireland’s research centre for future networks and communications where he is an active member of the Orthogonal Methods Group.