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Image: Fink's by Fiona Hallinan, Christine Winkler Courtesy Grazer Kunstverein

Fink’s is a library of tastes. Set in the reception area of the gallery, it is an ongoing, collaborative artwork developed by Fiona Hallinan in conversation with the many producers, makers and growers of Graz and the surrounding area. It is devised to act as a threshold, a welcoming space for conversations about art and the world, and a holistic space for dreaming and scheming.

Fink’s exists in two states: active and dormant. During active times Fink’s will be a busy place with lots happening, people coming and going, seasonal food being shared, stories being told, recipes being swapped, and events unfolding.

During dormant periods, Fink’s will be a quieter place, where visitors are welcome to linger, to peruse The Members Library, and to reflect on the necessity of art.

Fink’s operates principally on the basis of meaningful exchange. For that reason it is devised primarily with members of the Grazer Kunstverein in mind, though everyone is welcome.

Fink’s is a project by Fiona Hallinan
The bar is designed and built by Studio Magic in collaboration with Brauchst.

Fink’s is open daily from 11 a.m. – 6 p.m. during active periods.
The active dates throughout 2017 are:

10–20 March 2017
23–30 June 2017
23–30 September 2017
1–10 December 2017