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kunsttext.werk is an association that promotes networking within the scientific discipline of arts based research. Since 2009, the association has been pursuing the aim of stimulating research and text production amongst (young) art historians and cultural creators, offering opportunities for public exchange and interdisciplinary networking.

kunsttext.werk operates in close cooperation with the Grazer Kunstverein. Since 2013 the activities of the association have been closely linked to the exhibition programme and interdisciplinary in order to facilitate a more direct discussion with the artistic programme of the Kunstverein, as well as a wider networking of different scientific disciplines.

Team: Mag. Johanna Rainer, Mag. Dr. Karin Schwarz-Hönig

kunsttext.WERKSTATT VI is a three-day workshop that provides theoretical and practical foundations for the writing of reviews and self-publishing. During joint exhibition visits and in discussions with workshop guests, participants will take a look behind the scenes of contemporary art institutions and use the newly opened research space of the Grazer Kunstverein for text and magazine production.

Dates: 10, 11, 12 March 2017
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