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Alex J. Rota, ‘Visitor viewing siamang exhibit, Hall of Primates, 1965’, American Museum of Natural History Library. Courtesy of IZK, TU Graz.

The Grazer Kunstverein is delighted to collaborate with IZK Institute for Contemporary Art, TU Graz.

Throughout 2017 we hosted a seminar group led by Dubravka Sekulić, working through the concept of how to build, maintain, and/or host a library from a critical perspective.

In 2018 we are delighted to host Exhibiting / IZK Theory Lecture Series, organised by the IZK Institute for Contemporary Art, TU Graz. Speakers as part of this series include Branislav Dimitrijević, Vincent Normand, Ines Weizman, Jelena Vesić, Petar Milat among others. For more information please see: