As part of the opening of we sat rigid except for the parts of our bodies that were needed for production by Sandra Lahire and Celeste Burlina, the German artist Rosa Anschütz presents Soft Resource, a performative concert. Inspired by Lahire’s experimental films, Anschütz draws from her musical and lyrical archive and reassembles its elements into a one-off sonic journey.

Rosa Anschütz (b. 1997, Germany; lives in Berlin and Vienna) is an artist, composer, and vocalist. Working through different media, she investigates the relationship between sound, object, scenography, photography, and film, while creating collages within and beyond her music. As a performer, Anschütz embeds her reverberated voice—oscillating between singing and spoken words—in delicately constructed sound compositions drawing from the guitar, bass, drum machine, and modular synthesizers. Her debut record Rigid, came out on Quiet Love Records in 2019 and was soon followed by Votive, her first full-length album. In May 2022 she will release her second album Goldener Strom on the Berlin-based label B-Pitch Control.