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    The Grazer Kunstverein is a non-profit, member-based arts organization located on the ground floor of the historic Palais Trautmansdorff in the center of Graz. Founded in 1986, the Grazer Kunstverein has developed a distinctive voice within Austria and operates in strong dialogue with international developments in contemporary art. Established as a space for artistic production, exhibition-making, and mediation, it has always resisted populist influences, instead advocating for the promotion and presentation of qualitative artistic experiments. The history of the institution itself is one of experimentation, risk-taking, and critical discourse. It, therefore, provides the context to rethink the role and function of a Kunstverein within contemporary conditions.

    The Grazer Kunstverein works with artists from Austria and all over the world to nurture and empower compelling artistic positions while facilitating a depth of engagement within processes of artistic practice. International artists are invited to locate the production of challenging new work in the city of Graz. They are supported to engage with multiple publics to play direct roles in developing and realizing original and ambitious artistic projects. Within this, the Kunstverein’s emphasis is on finding points of connection and facilitating dialogue while fostering insight through participation. All the while, striving to elicit a meaningful exchange between the many and varied communities of Graz, and the artists whose projects are brought to life by them.

    The Grazer Kunstverein engages with cross-disciplinary practices through an ambitious program of activities, including exhibitions, performances, screenings, discussions, and events. The program is distinguished by close collaborations with exciting artists at critical moments in their careers, working responsively in a locally rooted, nationally relevant, and internationally resonant way.


    Tom Engels
    Artistic Director

    Tanja Gurke
    General Manager

    Peter Rieser
    Production assistant

    Ana Andricic
    Communication assistant

    Henrik Klug
    Technical team

    Julie Peeters
    Graphic Design

    Sophie Rentien Lando

    Felicia Betz, Eva Fomitski, Valeriia Lysenko, Jana Walch
    Visitor information

    Chiachi Chao
    Typeface Kleisch GK


    Georg Mayer-Heinisch

    Alexander Isola

    Stefan Stolitzka

    Georg List
    Member of the Board


    Kate Strain
    2016–2021 (September)

    Krist Gruijthuijsen

    Daniel Pies
    2012 (January–September)

    Søren Grammel

    Eva Maria Stadler

    Elisabeth Printschitz

    Peter Pakesch/Helmut Strobl


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