Bildung. Information, Kommunikation und Didaktik

Eva Maria Stadler, Thomas Trummer


Publication in the context of the exhibition of the same name as part of steirischer herbst ’99. Information and communication describe a new relationship in dealing with knowledge. New demands are placed on the social mission of Bildung after the detachment from normative educational models. The artists deal with this topic in the exhibition. 

Editors: Eva Maria Stadler, Thomas Trummer
Authors: Eva Maria Stadler, Thomas Trummer
Artists: Akademie Isotrop, John Bock, Alice Creischer, Christine Hohenbüchler, Irene Hohenbüchler, Jakob Kolding, Jonathan Monk, Silke Schatz, Stephen Willats
Design: Dorit Margreiter
24 pages, 12 b/w images, 21 x 15 cm, 50g, German
Published by: self-published
Price: 21,– Euro


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