(Conversation, Lecture, Screening)

Dialoge 1: The Myth of Home & Postmigration

Center for Contemporary Art, Wolfgang Meixner, Marc Hill, Steffen Schneider, Renate Hansen-Kokoruš, Djordje Čenić

16/05/2022, 15:00 - 20:00

Dialoge is a discursive program organized by the newly founded Center for Contemporary Art at the University of Graz, which will take place from May 16-21 at the Grazer Kunstverein. Under the title Art – Political Responsibility – Social Justice the program examines current socio-political issues. The program focuses on political conflict zones in Europe, diversity in the context of questioning and redefining concepts of identity, as well as social justice, colonialism, and imperialism.

The first Dialog includes contributions by Wolfgang Meixner (book presentation), Marc Hill (book review), Steffen Schneider (statement), Renate Hansen-Kokoruš (lecture), and Djordje Čenić (artist talk and screening).

For the most recent schedule, please visit the website of the Center for Contemporary Art, University of Graz.


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