Fernbedienung. Does television inform the way art is mad

Klemens Gruber, Lynne Joyrich, Theo Ligthart, Jeff Rian, Johann Skocek, Eva Maria Stadler, Thomas Trummer


As a starting point for the exhibition Fernbedienung – Does television inform the way art is made? serves the television culture, which is taken up in the art of the 90s with a new naturalness. Contemporary art uses the rich menu of the cultural machine television both as a supplier and source of inspiration as well as a possible field of experimentation in order to condense and analyze its layers of meaning.

Editors: Eva Maria Stadler, Thomas Trummer
Authors: Eva Maria Stadler, Thomas Trummer, Klemens Gruber, Jeff Rian, Lynne Joyrich, Johann Skocek, Theo Ligthart
Artists: Alex Bag, Glenn Brown, Mat Collishaw, Vadim Fishkin, Oliver Hangl, Astrid Herrmann, Bernard Joisten, Alix Stewart Lambert, Johannes Schweiger, Gergina Starr, Elise Tak
Design: Alexander Kada
96 pages, 53 images in total, 25 b/w, 28 color images, 27 x 21 cm, 405g, German/ English
Published by: Böhlau Verlag Gesellschaft m.b.H. & Co. KG, Wien
ISBN 978-3-205-98673-3
Price: 29,– Euro


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