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In Resonance: The Golden Pixel Cooperative and Sandra Lahire

The Golden Pixel Cooperative, Christiana Perschon, Lydia Nsiah, Enar de Dios Rodigruez, Sandra Lahire. Curated by Antonia Rahofer.

09/04/2022, 17:30, Schubertkino (Graz)

In the frame of Diagonale’22 – Festival of Austrian Film, the Grazer Kunstverein and Kunsthaus Graz join forces. In Rensonance, a joint film program, connects their exhibitions by Sandra Lahire and The Golden Pixel Cooperative, a Vienna-based feminist association for moving images. Drawing from their back catalog, The Golden Pixel Cooperative members respond to Terminals (1986), one of Lahire’s films. The program includes films by Christiana Perschon, Lydia Nsiah, and Enar de Dios Rodríguez, and examines practices of (self-)observation and the vulnerability of images, bodies, and environments. Together, they resound in a cinematic and intergenerational encounter. 

The program includes:

Christiana Perschon, Double 8, 2016. 3 min. 
Lydia Nsiah, distortion, 2016. 5 min.
Sandra Lahire, Terminals, 1986. 20 min.
Enar de Dios Rodríguez, Liquid Ground, 2021. 32 min. 

The screening will be followed by a discussion between Katrin Bucher Trantow (Interim Director and Chief Curator Kunsthaus Graz), Enar de Dios Rodríguez (artist, GPC), Tom Engels (Artistic Director Grazer Kunstverein), and Antonia Rahofer (curator, GPC). The conversation will be moderated by Daniella Shreir (Another Gaze).

You can book tickets via the website of Diagonale’22.

In Resonance is realized in cooperation with Kunsthaus Graz and Diagonale’22. 

The Golden Pixel Cooperative (GPC) is an association for moving image, art, and media founded in 2014. Located at the interface between exhibition space and cinema, its goal is to develop sustainable structures for the distribution, production, and mediation of moving image works by contemporary artists and to promote exchange and mutual support between them. Indizien, The Golden Pixel Cooperative’s exhibition is on display at Kunsthaus Graz between 05/04 and 18/04/2022.

01Lydia Nsiah, distortion (still), 2016. Courtesy of the artist and sixpackfilm.
02Enar de Dios Rodriguez, Liquid Ground (still), 2021. Courtesy of the artist.
03Christiana Perschon, Double 8 (still), 2016. Courtesy of the artist and sixpackfilm.



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