Bernhard Denscher, Robert Fleck, Christian Gargerle, Peter Pakesch, Franz West, Gert Winkler


The project Plakate of the Grazer Kunstverein as part of steirischer herbst is dedicated to the theme America nowhere, America Now Here. It is all about the occupation and activation of new spaces. To use the street as a setting for an art that places greater emphasis on social impact, as well as the need to keep public space elastic for temporary design without representation value. 

Editors: Peter Pakesch, Christian Gargerle
Authors: Christian Gargerle, Peter Pakesch, Gert Winkler, Bernhard Denscher, Robert Fleck, Franz West
Artists: Felix Gonzales-Torres, Martin Kippenberger, Matta Wagnest, Chrisopher Wool, Heimo Zobernig, Hans Krüg, Florian Pumhösl, Fierce Pussy
Design: Florian Pumhösl
8 pages (3 extra bound parts), 62 images in total, 38 b/w, 24 color images, 30 x 21 cm, 465g, German
Published by: Styria, Graz
Price: 39,– Euro


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