Lauren Duffus


As part of the opening night of sekretas, London-based music producer Lauren Duffus joins with dancehall-indebted rhythms, layered atmospherics, and beguiling vocal samples. Duffus’ natural flair for emotional expression has quickly singled her out as a captivating addition to London’s experimental electronic scene. Simultaneously playful and tender, her unique chopped-n-stretched, hyper-choral sketches articulate something heartfelt and cinematic in the offbeat vocals, dub-pop rhythm, and ambient. Duffus’ debut EP Sulk was released on the Body Motion imprint in 2021.

Annie Parker about Lauren Duffus’ music: “Listening to her productions, it’s clear that the uncanniness of these inspirations is right on brand. Tangible are the bad-dream atmospherics, chopped ‘n’ screwed beats, and irreverent tones which paint the witch house genre (grey), as well as the cinematic drill instrumentals typified by Chicago rapper Chief Keef. But far from the codeine’d quality of Salem’s quasi-noise productions, the antagonism in Duffus’ music is often appeased with blithe glimmers, sometimes even choral singing. Her music’s equal proclivity for both caustic indignation and moments of tenderness justify previous comparisons to the likes of aya and Loraine James, both of which extend to her fusion of prismatic club beats and soft melodics.”

01Photo: Louis Tuakli Mason



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