Timewave Zero. A psychedelic Reader

Lionel Bouvier, Angela Bulloch, Diedrich Diederichsen, Michel Foucault, Brion Gysin, Jörg Heiser, Albert Hofmann, Timothy Leary, John McCracken, Mai-Thu Perret, Sadie Plant, Alexander Shulgin, Ann Shulgin


Published in the context of the exhibition Timewave Zero – The Politics of Ecstasy, conceived by Lionel Bovier & Jean-Michel Wicker, at the Grazer Kunstverein from October 7 to November 4, 2001. In cooperation with steirischer herbst. The exhibits on display were intended to make it possible to experience epistemological transgressions.

Editors: Lionel Bovier, Mai-Thu Perret
Authors: Lionel Bouvier, Mai-Thu Perret, Timothy Leary, John McCracken, Diedrich Diederichsen, Michel Foucault, Albert Hofmann, Jörg Heiser, Brion Gysin, Alexander Shulgin, Ann Shulgin, Sadie Plant, Angela Bulloch
Artists: Lisa Beck, Angela Bulloch, Charles Eames, Ray Eames, Vidya Gataldon, Isa Genzken, Jack Goldstein, Brion Gysin, John McCracken, Sidney Stucki, John Tremblay
Design: Gilles Gavillet, David Rust
256 pages, 24 x 17 cm, 660g, German/ English
Published by: Revolver – Archiv für aktuelle Kunst, Berlin
ISBN 978-3-934823-42-4 and 978-2-940271-11-9
Price: 31,– Euro


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